Saturday, 17 May 2014

Love At First Stitch...

Work-wise, one of the most delicious projects that occupied my time over the winter was editing the delightful Tilly's first book, Love At First Stitch.

Available from all good bookshops...
Tilly was a real pleasure to work with; professional, hard-working, passionate and creative – what more can an editor ask for in an author? Nothing, I tell you; nothing.

We had the fabulously talented Arielle Gamble as the book designer – and she and Tilly did all the step photos between them – and the result is a book that's as hugely good-looking as it is splendidly practical; always a winning combination.

There was a launch party at Drink Shop Do in London and I whizzed along to join in the congratulations to Tilly on her book. I had a fan-moment meeting Karen of Did You Make That (definitely need to go the The-Man–Outside–Sainsbury's soonest: have you SEEN the sequinned fabric Karen bought there?) and drank some deeeelicious gin and elderflower cocktails. Sadly, I had to scoot before the speeches, but I'm reliably informed that Tilly said nice things about me: thank you Tilly!

And in the post to day was this from Tilly:
The most creative Thank You I've ever had...
It's a box of marshmallows printed with images from the book: how extraordinary is that? I'm not sure that I can bring myself to eat them, they look so lovely.

Thank you, again, Tilly!

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