Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Knit 400

I knitted, and knitted, and knitted, and knitted, and knitted, and... and was rescued from complete knitting insanity by the lovely LR and scrumptious SH, and the result is this new book.

The UK cover on the left and the US cover on the right. The titles are different, but the insides are the same (apart from some spellings...)

There are 224 packed pages: don't worry, I'm not going to go for a blow-by-blow tour of each one – here are just a few faves.

I'm very pleased with my knitted colour wheel. The lovely LR steered me in the right direction for this, and was very patient with my dimness when it comes to comprehending shaping charts (I'm a words knitter).

A fabulous opportunity to shop for yarns, though sometimes a serious struggle to find the right type of yarn in the right colourway...thank you Mrs Moon for stocking such a fabulous yarn selection: couldn't have done it without you.

Slip stitch was the revelation for me when researching this book. I'd only known it as rather clunky colourwork, and wondered why one would – stranding or intarsia aren't impossible to master. But a limited palette and lots of texture and I was a true convert.

My editor was staggeringly patient with my endless requests for tiny changes to the artworks. I think it was worth it: I hope he's forgotten the pain.

Excellent colour knitting, don't you think? Sadly, not my own work in this instance: thank you LR.

Each chapter (there are nine) deals with a different type of knitting, and each palette in a chapter looks at a different way of influencing that knitting; so here are some thoughts on beads and embroidery with stranded knitting. As always, one has more thoughts than there are space for...

Colour and Aran combos: I really liked doing this palette.

So, there you are, a taster of the new written offspring. I hope you like him.


  1. I favour the lefty–but as you say, inside we're all the same. The book looks lovely, good luck with it!

  2. Book looks fabulous Kate. Can't wait to hold a copy!

  3. Hello. Have your book and really love it, have read it page by page. My book is the one called Knitters Palette. I did not really recognise the other one at first. It looked like just another stitch library. I bought mine through a Scandinavian online bookshop so the must have their deliverer through the US. I believe the cover and title is much more an accurate description on what the book is really about. I think the other layout would have slipped my attention for as being as I previously mentioned just another stitch library... Would recommend this book to anybody who loves working with color and textiles, it's knowledge can be used in not only knitting :-)


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